Ioanna Thymianidis

This virtual artwork walks the viewer through a towering city, it’s architectural grounding a motherboard. As one traverses the digital maze, the virtual mathematical construction and architecture continues into a path of organic and life-like hands. A diverse subset of data was used to render digital hands that create and lead the viewer along the maze to the large finger-like building opposing the city. The digit-data was collected from the hands of people of all professions, ages, nationalities, and walks of life to reflect the internet's cumulative composition and, thereby, this internet artwork is composed and held up by the digits of those who co-created it. For the artist, this feels like a place between composition and implication in the internet realm, creation and control. A bird’s eye perspective of the metropolis exposes the virtual city, in which we reside, cradled by a giant hand. Do you see the city cradled within the palm as protected by a benign creator or under surveillance by a controlling authoritarian? Surrounding the metropolis are hands with faces, some stable and stoic, some dynamic and changing, and some gentle and compassionate. Are these faces, our rich and diverse humanity, actually dictating their own internet experience, or is it an illusion that we as humans govern our own respective digital worlds?